Hometown Grovestand

I remember hearing a long time ago various people complain about how Cake never play Sacramento.  I heard all kinds of rumors and conjecture.  The comments were usually the same:  “They don’t care about us.”  Or: “Once they got big, they forgot about their hometown crowd.”    

I’ve experienced a little of this in recent years.  Cake is a much more successful band than we are, but nonetheless, the comments toward “Jackie Greene” are relatively similar.  Success, I suppose is all relative anyways.  

I would first like to thank you all who attended our recent Sacramento show.  It was a really great night of music and spirit.  We were lucky enough to have two great acts on the bill: An Angle and Christopher Fairman.  If you haven’t heard or seen these acts yet, you owe it to yourself to go check them out.  

While I considered the show to be a success musically, economically it left lots to be desired.   I was seriously a little disappointed in the turn-out.  And I guess this brings me to my point:   A band cannot play shows when they can’t sell tickets.  It’s very simple.  One the one hand we hear the comments: “They never play here anymore…..I wish they’d come around more often….etc”  But when we finally do, nobody shows up! (That’s over-stating it, but you get the picture)  At some point, no band in the world will continue to take a loss in a market.  Even if it is their hometown.

Now I am by no means scolding anybody.  I just think most people don’t understand this information.  It’s a basic concept that seems to plague every band’s specific hometown.  I call it the Ownership Paradox.  It basically means that at a certain level, a bands hometown is the least likely place you will find that band playing regularly.  This is because, quite often a bands hometown will take the band for granted and say: “oh, ill catch them next time.  they have to come back.  this is their hometown!”   Therein lies the paradox.  Time will pass and the sentiment will change.  (“they’ve forgotten about their hometown!! bastards!”) But make no mistake….the band that took the economic loss on it’s own hometown has NOT forgotten.  In fact, they remember quite vividly….which is precisely why they are not coming back

Of course this is not to say that WE are not coming back.  I’m just illustrating a point.   

As I said, the show was fantastic.  We all felt good, played well and had a good time seeing some familiar faces.  We were stoked to share the stage with some great Sacramento bands.   I hope you guys enjoyed them as much as I did.  

In other news, we have 2 more shows on this tour, then i’m back with Phil Lesh for a Phil Lesh / Allman Brothers Band tour.  Should be…um…crazy!!!


~ by jackie on September 11, 2008.

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