Which One’s Pink?



“Come in here, Dear boy, have a cigar. 

You’re gonna go far, 

You’re gonna fly high,

You’re never gonna die, 

You’re gonna make it, if you try; 

They’re gonna love you. “


Maybe it’s just me, but I love songs about the music industry.  I’m pretty sure the words of “Have A Cigar” have been spoken to me by some young executive in absolute and utter sincerity.  I swear that is one of the most honest songs I’ve ever heard.  I swear i’ve been in this situation at least 50 times:


Suited Man: “Woah bro! That was a great show! Oh man, you’re going to blow up! My favorite is that Gone Ramblin’ song.”


Me: “But we didn’t play that one tonight.  It’s a pretty old song, you know.”


(suited man’s excessively attractive assistant whispers something to him)


Suited Man: “So this new single of yours…”I’m Shaking”…man that’s gonna go over really great at radio! I can FEEL it.  I have a sense, man I’m serious.”


Me: “Awesome.”


Suited Man:  “So what are you guys doing now? Want to get a drink?”


(Suited man congratulates Jeremy – who is actually the bass player,  on his fine drumming for the evening)


Me: “Actually, we have to get on the road.  We’ve got a 16 hour drive and a 

show tomorrow.”


Suited Man: “Ok Bro.  Just remember…if you need ANYTHING.  Don’t hesitate to 

call my office.  I’m here for YOU, bro.”


Me: “Thank you.”


Okay, so maybe I am being harsh. There is the occasional music industry executive that actually listens to music and cares about it.  It’s true, there are some.  But for the most part, 90% are just holding a seat on the corporate ladder, trying to get to the next rung.  I don’t blame them, necessarily.  But it’s a drag for me, nonetheless. 


The music industry is a dirty, dirty place with few winners and many losers.  Maybe that’s why I like songs about the music industry.  Even songs about the entertainment industry in general, I find myself enjoying. 


For most listeners, many of these songs often come off as tongue and cheek, sarcastic pieces that have no bearing or impact on their immediate lives.  However to me, many of them seem deeply personal.  Even the half-assed ones. (Workin’ for MCA, comes to mind).  


I remember the first time I heard “3rd Floor Story” by the Mother Hips.  Or “Step Right Up” by Tom Waits.  Or “Building a Religion” by Cake.  All of them, extraordinary tunes.  There are literally hundreds of songs that utilize this material.  Pretty much all of them, I like.  A lot.  


As I write this, my coffee maker is beeping.  Which means it’s time for my injection. 

I would like to have a coffee maker that plays “la cucaracha” when it’s done brewing.  I’ll have to write Krups to work on that one.  

For now, i’ll enjoy my coffee and turn up Wish You Were Here as loud as it will go.  


~ by jackie on August 14, 2008.

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