Tour so far…

Hi all,
We’ve been having some fantastic shows so far. Tonight we played to a packed house in a small joint in Santa Fe. The audience was great. Dancing, drinking, singing. A proper night of music. We had so much fun twisting and weaving songs in and out of each other. The last few nights we’ve been really loose and trying some completely random shit.
We had a day off in Flagstaff, AZ. Beautiful place. Boring as all hell, but pretty to look at.
I want to remind people to go easy on the flash photography during the shows. Generally, we aren’t that keen on photographers snapping all night, but we do realize that everyone and their mother has a camera phone these days. If you must take pictures, do us all a favor and go easy on the flash.

The first single of the new record is called “Shaken”. You can help us out by calling in to your local station and requesting it. People ask how we decide where to tour. We don’t. You do. We only go where people will show up. Radio helps us get there. To you, I mean.

We’re headed to Denver next. Hope to see some folks out there. Take care


~ by jackie on April 17, 2008.

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